Pierre Rabu


   Prof. dr. Pierre Rabu, University of Strasbourg, France.

   From Insertion-Grafting to Exfoliation in Layered Functional Systems



Aleksej Žarkov


   Dr. Aleksej Žarkov, Vilnius University, Lithuania.

   Phase Transformations in Calcium Phosphates



                               Dr. Simonas Ramanavičius, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania.

                                   Formation and Applications of Nonstoichiometric Titanium Oxides and MXenes (Ti3C2Tx) Nanostructures




   Prof. dr. Koichiro Hayashi, Kyushu University, Japan.

   Carbonate Apatite Honeycomb Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration




  Prof. dr. Artūras Katelnikovas, Vilnius University, Lithuania.

  Inorganic CsPbX3 (X = Cl, Br, I) Perovskite Quantum Dots: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications





 Prof. dr. Vytautas Getautis, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania.

 Advanced Organic Molecules for New Generation Solar Cells





 Prof. habil. dr. Wojciech Kujawski, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland.

 The Properties of Polymeric and Ceramic Membranes for Gas and Liquid Separation





 Prof. dr. Rasa Pauliukaitė, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania.

 Can Graphene be Sensitive?





 Dr. Lina Mikoliūnaitė, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania.

 Effect of Silver to Magnetite Properties in Ag/Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Composite





 Prof. dr. Kęstutis Baltakys, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania.

 Characterization of Functional Inorganic Materials by X-ray Diffraction Methods



                              Michele BACK     

 Dr. Michele Back, University of Venice, Italy.

 Cr3+-Activated Phosphors: Effective Luminescent Thermometers?





 Dr. Anton Popov, Vilnius University, Lithuania.

 Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopy as a Key to the Development of Sensitive Biosensors



                            Prof. dr. Anja Verena Mudring, Aarhus University, Denmark.

                            How to Use Ionic Liquids to Make Inorganic Nanomaterials




 Prof. (HP) dr. Jurgis Barkauskas, Vilnius University, Lithuania.

 Graphene-Based Materials: Synthesis, Chemistry and Applications





 Prof. dr. Malle Krunks, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia.

 Antimony Chalcogenide Thin Film Solar Cells - Challenges and Prospects



Ramanauskas Rimantas 

 Prof. dr. Rimantas Ramanauskas, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania.

 Corrosion Behaviour of Cerium Based Conversion Coatings on Zinc



Anna Łukowiak


Dr. habil. Anna Lukowiak, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland.

 Bioactive Glasses with Luminescent Properties





 Prof. dr. Tomas Tamulevičius, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania.

 Nanomaterials and their Structures for Optical Applications



                            Prof. habil. dr. Gerd Meyer, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

                                Small Cause — Great Effect: What the 4fn+15d0 → 4fn5d1 Configuration Crossover Does to the Chemistry of Divalent Rare-Earth Halides and

                                Coordination Compounds, and How it Makes the Formation of Cluster Complex Compounds and Polar Intermetallics Possible

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